Fur Free Britain

Thank you for contacting me about the fur trade. I support the highest standards of animal welfare so I am pleased to note that the importation of fur products is tightly regulated. It is illegal to import furs derived from cats or dogs, or products made from them; in addition the fur and skin of endangered animals or fish cannot be imported without a valid permit.

Meanwhile, under European legislation it is prohibited to import furs or fur products from 13 wild animal species originating in countries where they are caught in the wild by leg-hold traps, or trapping methods that do not meet international standards of humane trapping. Strict rules are in also place in the European Union to ensure that animals kept for fur production are kept, trapped and slaughtered humanely.

The rules that govern what fur items may or may not be traded between EU Member States are set by the EU, so as things stand the UK could not unilaterally impose further bans. However, once the UK has withdrawn from the EU there is the possibility that there may be scope for the Government to do so.