Terms of the Withdrawal Agreement

Thank you for your recent correspondence about Brexit. The result of the Referendum was clear and, regrettably, the deal negotiated by the Prime Minister does not honour the decision of 65% of our neighbours in Gravesham and a majority of the country to leave the EU.

The Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement represents an unconscionable loss of sovereignty, damage to the Union and I am also concerned that it will fetter our ability to trade freely in the future.

For these reasons I will be voting against the Withdrawal Agreement when it is put to a vote in the House of Commons.

I have also put in a letter to Sir Graham Brady, indicating that I no longer have confidence in the Prime Minister.  I have done so with a heavy heart, not least because she is in many ways a remarkable person.  However, I believe that Mrs May is (and has always been) determined to keep us bound to the EU in any way she can and lacks the courage, vision and leadership to seize the opportunities that Brexit offers us as an independent nation.

Having carefully considered the implications of "no-deal", I am firmly of the view that there is nothing to fear from this outcome, and, indeed, much to be gained.