Adam spent a week living on London’s streets in March 2018 for a special edition of ITV’s Tonight programme. This programme tells of what has remained the same on the streets from thirty years ago, and what has changed. It shows Adam’s efforts to be picked up by the authorities, and the reality of what happened once he was. This programme highlights the problems of those with addictions and mental health problems who live on the streets, as well as the marked increase in the number of foreign nationals living on the streets of London.


During Adam's career in journalism, he worked at Granada Television where he, along with his producer Mike Beckham and the World in Action team, made a number of award winning documentaries. As a news reporter at ITN, he was also responsible for producing news investigations for News at Ten. World in Action was ITV's flagship current affairs programme from 1963 to 1968. In 1991, They asked Adam to live homeless on the streets of London. On their behalf, he spent three months from January to March living undercover in a basha in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, as well as a succession of shop doorways and homeless hostels. With no bank accounts or credit cards, his worldly possessions consisted of the clothes that he was standing in, £30 cash, and a bag with a concealed camera and microphone.

No Fixed Abode tells the story of his struggle to find food to eat and a roof to sleep under. On his journey, he shows us the harsh reality of homelessness in London.

Disguises - A Place of Safety

Following his highly successful series 'No Fixed Abode', Adam disguised himself as a schizophrenic. Taking to the streets once more with a hidden camera, Adam undertook a journey from the Midlands to London to examine the way the mentally disabled slip through the cracks of society.

Disguises - Escape from Bosnia

In this episode of Disguises, Adam travels with a convoy of Muslim refugees fleeing the ethnic cleansing during the 1993 war in Bosnia.

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