The European Referendum Debate

On 24th October 2011, Adam resigned from his post as Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Foreign Office. This was because the Government expected Adam to vote against a referendum of Great Britain's continued membership of the European Union. Whilst his resignation may have cost him his ministerial career under David Cameron, he has no regrets as Adam has always believed that the British people must have a say.

Adam was delighted that the British people got to have their say in June 2016 and is very excited about the opportunities that Brexit offers. He was also very proud that 65% of voters in Gravesham - the biggest in Kent - voted to leave the EU.

You may also be interested to see what was said about Adam at the Spectator Threadneedle Parliamentarian of the Year Awards 2011. Adam won the award for Backbencher of the Year for his principled decision to return to the back benches rather than to vote against a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

30:58 and 34:45 on the recording. You can view a recording of the award ceremony by clicking here. Bernard Jenkin accepted the award on Adam's behalf and this can be seen between

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