In 1991 Adam spent time sleeping on the streets of London in order to find out more about the problem of street homelessness. He did the same again in March 2018 for a special edition of ITV’s Tonight Programme. Adam observed that many things had remained the same since 1991: the kindness of the British public, help is available from charities and soup kitchens, and homeless people congregate where there are services available for them, hence why there are more of them in cities like London. However, he also observed that nowadays there is a far more serious effort by the authorities to get homeless people off the streets, and a far greater number of foreign nationals living as street homeless. Adam’s overall impression from the week he spent sleeping out in March 2018 is that there are many different reasons for street homelessness, including mental health problems, addiction, uncontrolled immigration, immediate crisis, men of the road and many more. It is impossible and unhelpful to lump the street homeless together into one homogenous group, and the problem of street homelessness will never be solved until this is recognised. Adam also wrote an article following the documentary, was interviewed by Today in Parliament and spoke in a Parliamentary debate on the topic.”

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