Gravesend Heritage Quarter

Adam has been supporting the Urban Gravesham campaign against this low quality development. Urban Gravesham is a campaign against the proposals for building on land in Gravesend town centre by Edinburgh House Estates. They have gained staggering levels of local support.

What Adam has said and done about the Initiative

  • August 2010: 'It is no secret that I have my own views that the existing designs are ugly and overly dense with little sensitivity to what already exists in this town. This should be an opportunity to take Gravesend forward but I fear the current proposals will repeat some of the worst things done in the past.'

  • June 2014: 'It is a hideous, low quality development from a time when the town had low aspirations and it's completely out of date what with Ebbsfleet Garden City and Paramount Park coming. It's a shocker and thank God for Urban Gravesham for going in where the political class in this borough has failed miserably to do so.'

  • October 2014: Royal Courts of Justice - The Strand, London (pictured): On 30th and 31st October 2014, Urban Gravesham's fight against the council's decision to grant planning permission for the development went to a judicial review at the High Court in London. The group is currently awaiting a verdict. If Urban Gravesham does not win, it does not change the fact that this is a low quality development that profits only the developer, and not the people of this Borough. What is spun as "The Heritage Quarter" actually involves the construction of hundreds of tiny and in some cases mechanically ventilated flats in dark high buildings - all the slums of the future - in the heart of our historic town. There is no doubt that Gravesend does indeed need redevelopment, but both this and the previous administration on the Council has been blinded and overwhelmed by the power of a big money property developer.

  • February 2015: Adam arranged a meeting with the Planning Minister, Mr Brandon Lewis, and representatives of the Parish Councils, Istead Rise, and the Gravesham Rural Residents Group to discuss the "Green Belt Review". The Minister, pictured here in the black tie, reassured them that the government was against development in the Green Belt and that if a review were to be carried out it would be because Gravesham Council wanted it. Neither the government nor the Inspectorate would insist that such a review was necessary.

  • Feb 2019: As expected, Edinburgh House Estates passed this project on to another developer.  This time the model is for the new “Reef Estates” to build about 300 flats and for the Council to pay for the use of them for 50 years: I am sure I know who will make vast amounts of money here, and it is not the Council taxpayer. Further, it seems that many of these flats will be small and given that they are to be rentals are likely to have a more transitory population. There is also a serious lack of parking provision when one takes into account all these new people. That said, Reef Estates are at last getting on with it and they listen to the likes of Urban Gravesham and seem glad to make improvements.

  • To find out more about the Gravesham Heritage Quarter please visit: here and here.