Protecting Our Green Belt

Adam has raised the issue of building on the green belt several times in parliamentary debates.

What Adam has said and done about the Initiative

  • November 2011: In a public meeting with many residents in attendance Adam said, "I will be astounded if the council builds on the green belt and we will fight it if that is going to be the case."

  • November 2011: Speaking at St John's Church in Meopham Adam said, "It's very regrettable the way it's being handled...people do not want to see new houses appearing in their neighbourhoods."

  • December 2011: Adam asked the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Eric Pickles MP, what steps the Department was taking in order to identify brownfield sites for the new buildings, and if getting rid of regional house building targets would cause the number of houses likely to be built on the Green Belt to decrease.

  • February 2015: In Parliament we held a meeting in Committee Room 17 for representatives of the Parish Councils, Istead Rise, and the Gravesham Rural Residents Group to meet the planning minister, Brandon Lewis, to discuss the "Green Belt Review" being conducted by Gravesham Borough Council. The Minister, pictured here in the black tie,reassured us that the government was against development in the Green Belt and that if a review were to be carried out it would be because Gravesham Council wanted it. Neither the government nor the Inspectorate would insist that such a review was necessary. It seems from today's meeting that council officers may need to read the guidance rather more carefully. My thanks to all those Parish Councillor friends and those from local Action Groups who came up to Westminster at their expense to get an informed explanation. Especially to the Minister, and Richard Knox-Johnson from the Kent Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England who has so kindly decided to take us under his wing!

  • To find out more about the Green Belt please visit: here and here.

  • Letter from the action groups and Parish Councils to Gravesham Borough Council, questioning the need for a Green Belt Review.

  • Below is the letter written by all the Parish Councils south of the A2 as well as Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, the Istead Rise Action Group and the Gravesham Rural Residents Group to Gravesham Council.